Investor : PPC An Thinh Vietnam infrastructure investment and development JSC
Project Location : Situated in a prime location, on the To Huu Road (Le Van Luong extended).The project has favorable factors for service business hotel, office ... with completed advanced facilities. Project is located 10km from Hanoi Centre toward southwest.
Investment Objective : The investment in the 5-star An Thinh Hotel and Office complex is entirely consistent with the economy.Construction of 5-star An Thinh Hotel and Office complex in in Van Phuc traditional village area will become the main point for Ha Dong District area in particular and the whole western area of Hanoi in general.
The construction of 5-star Hotel and Office complex meets the requirement of building communication strategy for local brand in both domestic and international.
Project scale:
Specific scale are arranged according to user functions include: the hotel space, including the lobby, restaurant, bar, reception area, fitness area, world-class accommodations, commercial space services, the work space of the office and sales offices, meeting rooms, halls, ... In addition, the project also includes management spaces and general support as toilets, parking for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and green space.
The project built on HH-01 plot in the Van Phuc handicraft silk weaving village, Ha Dong, Hanoi. This urban area has been built up the infrastructure, modern surrounding architectural elements. Therefore, 5-Star An Thinh Hotel is full of characteristic including performance, convenience in use, modern in appearance to ensure high integration with the surrounding buildings. In addition, the project also confirmed the style and establish its own brand of PPC An Thinh Vietnam to attract different types of customers.
Main items of the project will include 19-storey blocks, not including one basement and one technical floor, land area is 1189.6 m2, building area 713 m2, total expected floor area is 10,704 m2. Carpark of the building will have an area of ​​1020.9 m2.
Total estimated investment capital: 250 billion VND
Duration of the project: 50 years from the date of investment certificate issuance
The progress of project implementation: From 2015 to 2017


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