Investor:An Viet Investment and Infrastructure Development JSC
Project location:Ban Long Golf Course is located in Minh Quang Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province.
Project scale:36-holes golf course with the scale of 158 ha
Project technical infrastructure:
The transport system in Tam Dao is mainly road. The transport system of the present district is basically convenient, ensuring that 100% of the vilages have the car road. The 2B National Way from Vinh Yen City to Tam Dao Town have the length of 24 km, including 16,4 km belong the Tam Dao District which had been invested and upgraded. This project with fully infrastructure will connect to the Ba Vi District through the Red River.
The 302 provincial road that runs along the length of 40km from Minh Quang commune to Yen Duong (5km from the bottom of Tam Dao Mountain) and connect to the 2C National Way to Tan Trao (Son Duong, Tuyen Quang). The 309 provincial route which connect from Tam Quan commune to 2C National Way with the length of 3.2 km, also plays an important role in the communication, trade and tourism especially between Tam Dao and Tam Duong District.
In addition, the Tam Dao district also has 96.25 km of commune roads, most of these roads have been upgraded to meet investor demand for travel, communication and trade. Concurrently, it creates favorable conditions for products development and tour route in the region.
The status of water supply
Irrigation system:Water for agriculture is taken from two sources: rainwater and water from rivers and streams in the districts. The surface water in Tam Dao is plentiful including Pho Day River and smaller rivers such as Vuc Chuong, Dinh Ca. Especially the large water reservoir system as: Xa Huong with 12.78 million m3 capacity, Lang Ha with 2.3 million m3, Vinh Thanh with 2.7 million m3, Ban Long with 2.5 million m3 and a series of small lakes (25 lakes).
The system of lakes and dams (38 ones) not only provide water for agricultural production, but also for a golf course, Z95 factory, aquaculture and create sources of groundwater for wells in the district area.
The center of Tam Dao District have exploited the irrigation works, with 5523 hectares of irrigation capacity. Currently, the system has served to irrigate 3,271 hectares of agricultural land in Tam Dao District area.
Drainage system:The drainage system has been built in the District, Tam Dao Town area and golf course area.  In other areas, drainage system in each household, mainly flow to the rice fields, ponds, ditches then flows out to the main drain ditch system and eventually be discharged into rivers.

Electricity system

National electricity grid source: All of communes and towns have electricity grid 350 KV or 10 KV, all communes in the buffer zone - Tam Dao National Park have used electricity through power distribution network including the low voltage station and low voltage grid line, so far 100% of households have access to electricity.

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