Bao Ninh golf course

Owner: An Viet Investment and Infrastructure Development JSC.
Location of the project:
Bao Ninh golf course is located in the Bao Ninh luxury resort – Dong Hoi City – Quang Binh

7km away from Dong hoi city.
20km away from Dong Hoi airport.
Location of the resort:
East sea to the East.
Bao Ninh new urban area to the West.
Hai Ninh – Quang Ninh administration to the South.
Bao Ninh resort and amusement park system to the North.
Project scale:
The total area of Bao Ninh luxury resort is 500ha, of which the area of Bao Ninh 36-hole golf course is 200ha. The expected land for golf course runs along Bao Ninh and Hai Long coasts, 500-800m in width from the coast and 5-6km in length along the beach. The terrain is hilly, coastal sand, no area of agricultural land, not under protection forests and has favorable relationship with the seaside resorts.


Technical infrastructure of the project :
The project area will be connected to the main roads in the surrounding urban roads, designed with 2 lanes and sidewalks on both sides. Traffic in Bao Ninh golf course and luxury resort complex has created many advantages for connecting the project with the surrounding area. Internal traffic in the project is mainly concrete way for specific electric vehicles in golf course.
Watersupply system
Water supply
Demand for water is about 2,000m3 per day. Currently there is no clean water in the project area; most of the residents use water from the city’s water supply system. The project will build a water supply system from the nearest residential area (about 1km) to get water for use.
Using separate rainwater drainage system and waste water system; drainage towards natural slopes.
Power supply system
Power supply for the project area is ensured by the power line system, substation of Dong Hoi city. High voltage lines with concrete columns combined centrifugal underground cable, low voltage lines with copper cables in twisted plastic pipe, underground, through road sections using steel pipes. Because of large demand on electricity for the project, we focus on building substations 22/0.4 KV, total capacity of over 2,500 KVA and one 1,000 KVA generator station (for backup plan).
Bao Ninh golf course is located in sparsely populated areas, mainly hilly, and coastal sand. On the other hand, Bao Ninh golf course project and Bao Ninh luxury resort will apply environmental protection solutions that ensure environmental sustainability in the area when developing the project.
Total invested capital: approximately 750 billion dong to be financed by own funds of the enterprise and other sources.
Uptime: 50 years.
Progress of the project: from 2016 to 2019
Developing golf-course project in Quang Binh contribute to not only the socio-economic development of the province, to promote economic restructuring, and local industries but also to improve the image and competitiveness of the province to major investors in the country and abroad. During the process of international integration of the country, the formation of Bao Ninh luxury resort will gradually become a province with high competitiveness in attracting investment to develop infrastructure, and socio-economic. 

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