Investor:An Viet Investment and Infrastructure Development
Project location:Gia Khau Golf Course project is located in Trung My Commune, Binh Xuyen District (adjacent to La Khau Lake), Vinh Phuc Province.
Project scale: 54-holes golf course with the scale of 275 haSân golf 54 hố với diện tích 275 ha
Project technical infrastructure:
Currently, the project area has two main modes of transport - railway and road.
National road:Binh Xuyen District has 2 National ways passing, with the total length of 8 km. In 2009, the expressway route Noi Bai - Lao Cai has been started to create favourable conditions for socio - economic development of the district, expand communacation and trade with other provinces as well as with international partner (Van Nam - China).
Provincial roads:The sum of the provincial roads in the district is 41 km. In the last few years, it has been focused in upgrading to meet the travel needs of the people and development needs of local socio-economy.
District roads:The total length is 43.9 km district roads, the roads are being gradually upgraded, so far the district has upgraded 40.4 km, 3.5 km are continuously being upgraded .
Rural Roads:The total length of rural roads in the district have approximately 305.7 km. In particular, concrete and asphalt road have been 225 kilometers and Binh Xuyen District is planing to continue upgrade the remaining kilometers.
In the coming years, Binh Xuyen will improve continuously the transportation network to meet the accelerating process of industrialization and modernization of the economy, contribute to improving people's lives in rural areas.
The status of water supply and drainage
In the recent period, the district had interested to invest in upgrading and rehabilitation of 15 pumping stations, renovation of 38 small reservoirs and completing the program on solidification of canals. So far the district has solidified above 50% of total canals which need to solidify and upgrade 13 km of dikes in the province.
In general, irrigation system in the district has met the needs of production and serving of water for most of the cultivated area in ​​the district.

Electricity system

There are 110 kV Viet Tri – Dong Anh electricity line and 220 kV electricity purchased from China via transfer station. The Binh Xuyen electrical systems in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular are located in favorable areas from the national electricity supply grid; the transmission and distribution system is planned and invested to ensure convenience, provide enough demand for local socio-economic development.

            Gia Khau Golf Course project – Binh Xuyen District – Vinh Phuc Province

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